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Peace and Love.

Apr. 10, 14

09:44 PM


What Are Haters Gonna Do?
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Nov. 01, 12

07:08 PM


I get that women need to be vigilant when in areas alone, or whatever other circumstance or arrangement that is deemed unacceptable. What’s on my mind is, why have we not taught our sons, uncles, fathers, fellow man, to NOT rape. Why take something that is not yours, isn’t it the first rule you learn as your mother taps your hand or yells at you if you touch someone else’s things? Again, I get it women be safe, be aware, but the public, the police, the media need to understand that no woman asks for it, “looks for it”, or deserves to be raped or sexually assaulted. For example, how does a UWI student at half 8 at night now waiting for a maxi to get home, safe guard herself if there are scarcely any maxis? On one hand she can wait and wait and wait, or on another take the maxi, either way it’s a chance. But if the men around her understand that she needs to be RESPECTED (regardless of if she respects herself), she only has to worry about what time she gets home and what time she’s getting to fall asleep. E.g. Women in their house, the doors are locked, the windows are locked, who safeguards themselves further once in their house with everything locked?….honestly Trinidad…honestly WORLD…come better than that…


Nov. 07, 11

10:20 AM


Oct. 24, 11

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Aug. 31, 11

05:17 PM

clever….would you believe I just discovered I can do this instead of always posting the link alone >_< im so lame …gonna change em all now lol…hmmm maybe….


would you believe I just discovered I can do this instead of always posting the link alone >_< im so lame …gonna change em all now lol…hmmm maybe….


Aug. 28, 11

05:51 PM

Voltaire, what were you on about?

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire.

I was just wondering, you say this yet what’s the definition of absurdity?

(absurd - 1. (of an idea or suggestion) Wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate

2. (of a person or a person’s behavior or actions) Foolish; unreasonable.

Isn’t this judgement still the person’s opinion, based on their experiences, what they’ve witnessed and how well the person in question is good at convincing the other.

I actually agree or like to take comfort in that statement despite my current thought, allows me to ignore those that generally bring another down. Rereading this quote brings a stronger assurance of the fact that if one says bad things about you and someone else believes it, that person is under the control of the first dastardly bastard. I like to think that I’m not under someone’s control. But….control or not, define your absurdity, then define your atrocity.  


Aug. 24, 11

12:25 PM

beautiful and clever


Jul. 17, 11

02:32 PM

Neighbour, Neighbour....


May. 10, 11

05:58 PM

be great


May. 06, 11

04:57 PM

how clever

Guide to Naming Your Game
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